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We offer seminars designed specifically for your needs.

Are you looking for a fun and educational seminar for your school, club or corporation?

Chris Sansonetti has 20 years of experience working with schools, summer camps, towns and corporations. He offers the following seminars:

- Intro to Karate

- Bully Proof for Kids

- Personal Safety for teens and adults

- Kid's Character Development

- Fitness

- Karate Birthday Parties

- Sparring, Grappling, Board Breaking, Weapons

and more!

Seminars are also offered several times a year for students.  Forms, board breaking, sparring and self-defense seminars offer opportunities for special training in individual areas of study. Watch our calendar for announcements.

Mr. Sansonetti also specializes in teaching Character Development to children. He has spoken at many schools in Fairfield and New Haven Counties. 
Topics include: Rules and Respect, Random Acts of Kindness, Making and Keeping Friends, Bullyproof, Self-Esteem, and  Goal Setting.

Superior Karate will make your event a success! We have performed at the MS Walk in Fairfield, National Night Out, Barnum Festival and many local town events.