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"Thank you for all you do.  It is comforting to know that Lindsey is involved in something that will teach her respect and confidence as well as physical fitness and self defense.  She enjoys her class immensely and thinks the world of you and your instructors.  Your class has greatly exceeded my expectations.  I had signed her up for dance, which she enjoyed, but I did not care for the way in which the class was conducted.  Gymnastics was fun for both of us, but very expensive.  Superior Karate is affordable and blows both of the other 2 endeavors away.  I like the Powerful Words assignments as well."

Scott R.

"My three children started with Superior Karate last spring. After they passed their first test and received their orange belt, I noticed a markedly increased confidence level, especially with my daughter. My husband and I are very impressed with Mr. Sansonetti and his teaching staff. They work with each student and are super role models that my kids really admire. Mr. Sansonetti and his staff teach the importance of behaviors such as responsibility and respect. We have had a great experience so far and my three children look forward to each karate class! They are already looking forward to attending the karate summer camp for the second year!"

Anne L.

"The positive impact that being part of the Superior Karate program has had on my daughter is powerful.  It has increased her confidence levels, given her a constant and recurring sense of achievement and pride.  She sees the reward for all her hard work in every stripe and new belt she earns.  As a parent, I thank you for your dedication to the program and the students."
Joan O.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for teaching and nurturing Peter. You have a real gift with your style and methods. He will really miss you and the classes. You've really made a big difference in his life".

Frank W.

"Since Missy has been doing karate, her attitude toward working at something has improved greatly.  She strives to be the best in all that she does.  I realize this is greatly due to her involvement in the program.  Sometimes I wonder who is having more fun...her or me! Thank you!"
                                                                                   Michael L.

"Karate has helped me overcome my shyness of performing physically in front of crowds.  I really did not exercise that much before, but now I do in karate.  Tang Soo Do Karate has definitely benefited me!"
                                                                                Lamisa M.

"Steven has gained such confidence in himself.  He loves to lead the class in warm-ups and forms... he really enjoys working with the younger children, showing them proper techniques and giving them encouragement."
June G. (Steven is on the Gold Team)

"The instructors impress me in that they are able to engage the attention of many young students and teach them the important skills of self-defense."
                                                                                    Anne B.

"My grandson has improved in all areas; respect, confidence and discipline.  I believe attending this class has helped my grandson greatly.  Thank you, Sir."
Helen H.

"Karate has improved Spencer's self-confidence and agility,  He enjoys showing the family all of his new moves!"
                                                                                     Rene I.

"My daughter Dana Malave has been taking karate classes with Mr. Sansonetti in Stratford since 2002. My husband and I feel that this program has been beneficial. It has helped to improve Dana's confidence, and self-esteem. The emphasis on discipline has helped her with her school work. We are very happy with this program."
Margie M.

"My son and daughter are both taking karate classes with Chris Sansonetti in Stratford. They have learned respect for others, self-defense and a great appreciation for the sport of karate. Karate helps them keep physically fit and safe. I'd recommend Chris Sansonetti and the Stratford Rec Karate to anyone."
Kelly B.