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Classroom Etiquette
The room where you learn is your training hall (dojang).  In the tradition of martial arts, respect is paid to the dojang upon entering and before leaving.  Therefore, students will bow each time they walk into and out of the dojang.  Once inside the dojang, students will sit quietly on the training floor until it is time for their class to begin.
Students address instructors as Sir or Ma'am.  It is an important element to martial arts classroom etiquette, and signifies respectfulness.

Visitor Etiquette
Visitors are welcome in the classroom.  Please keep the noise level to a minimum.  We are committed to the students receiving the maximum benefit from each class and visitor noise inhibits both learning and teaching.  Please feel free to take small children into the lobby or hallway if they are unable to watch class quietly.  For safety reasons, visitors and students who are not actively training must stay off of mats and other equipment.

Dress Code
Students are required to wear a full martial arts uniform (do bahk) to class.  This includes the pants, top and belt.  School t-shirts are acceptable during the summer session in place of the uniform top.  Uniforms must be kept clean and washed regularly, but belts should never be washed.  Students should remove all jewelry and maintain proper hygiene.
Students who are premitted to spar in class must wear the following equipment: mouthpiece, headgear, hand and foot pads.  Males must also wear a groin protective cup.  See Master Sansonetti to purchase supplies.

Do Bahk Lapel Trim
Ninja belts                    no trim on uniform
White - purple belts       no trim on uniform
Green Belts                   green trim on lapel 
Red belts                       red trim on lapel 
Brown and Black Belts     black trim on lapels