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Superior Karate Programs:

Self-defense Seminars:  These classes are designed to make you more fit and safer.  Students learn safety concepts and do verbal & physical drills in a safe and fun environment.

Rewards Program:  Refer a friend to class and receive an award when they sign up.

Karate Birthday Parties:  Lots of fun!  Held on Saturdays in one of the Stratford schools.  See Mr. Sansonetti to book your date!

Private or Semi-Private Lessons:  Contact Mr. Sansonetti for details.  Lessons available for fitness, martial arts and self-defense training for individuals, families and businesses.  Also available for corporate classes and school presentations.

Seminars:  Offered several times a year to students.  Forms, board breaking, sparring and self-defense seminars offer opportunities for special training in individual areas of study.

Demonstrations and Seminars: Available for school presentations and corporate events.