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2008 Superior Karate News

Stratford Little Ninja Belt Test, 12/15/8
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Grace Keener
was promoted to 1st degree black belt on November 21!
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Mr. Kovalik breaking a stack of boards at our Board Breaking Seminar on November 1st!
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Connecticut Yankee Nationals - tournament results:

Dan Centore - 1st breaking, 2nd sparring
Matt Mckenna - 1st sparring, 4th weapons
Sean Mckenna - 3rd weapons and sparring
Gabi Camarero - 3rd breaking, 4th forms
Ruth Sussman - 2nd sparring
Eli and Everett Sussman - 4th sparring
Lenny Kovalik - 2nd breaking, 3rd weapons, 4th forms
Nick Kovalik - 3rd breaking
Melissa Lemieux - 1st breaking, 3rd sparring and forms, 4th weapons
Miguel Legaspi - 5th sparring
Jason Pugh - 3rd weapons, 1st forms
Richard Robinson - 1st sparring and breaking, 3rd forms, and 4th weapons

Congratulations to our 9 new black belts that were promoted on September 19, 2008.
(From left to right)
Elizabeth Nagy, Aryn Clayton, Lenny Kovalik, Claudia Regensburger, Sarah O'Connell, Brey Jackson, Richard Robinson, Nick Kovalik and  Quasem Alajjan
(bottom picture).

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All of the Cheezic Tang Soo Do Black Belts that attend the Black Belt Grading on 9/19/8.

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Congratulations to the following students who placed within their divisions at the last
Federation Tournament on March 30th!
Kaitlyn Caple  1st Forms
Aliaksei Adamik  4th Breaking
Daniel Centore    1st Breaking
Jocelyn Eagle   3rd Forms
Sean McKenna   2nd Forms
Jonathan Robinson  2nd Forms
Elizabeth Nagy  1st Breaking, 1st Forms
Sarah O'Connell  1st Breaking, 2nd Forms
Nick Kovalik  4th Breaking
Lenny Kovalik   3rd Breaking, 3rd Forms
Richard Robinson  1st Breaking
Tom Derwin   3rd Forms
Zachary Dillon   3rd Forms
Melissa Lemieux   1st Breaking, 2nd Forms
Gabi Camarero   2nd Forms
Peter Wyant   4th Forms
Miguel Legaspi   3rd Forms
Joey Kirschner    4th Forms
Alexandra Dillon   1st Forms

Congratulations to Lenny Kovalik and Jon Robinson promoted to Assistant Instructors - 1/8.

Congratulations to our New Black Belt Club members!
Joey Kirschner 3/8
Kyle Mullins 3/8
Sarah O'Connell 1/4

Congratulations to Mr. Sansonetti for being inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall of Fame for Outstanding Contributions in the Martial Arts on January 12, 2008 in Atlantic City NJ.
Mr. Sansonetti inducted in Martial Arts Hall of Fame

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Master Instructors inducted into the Hall of Fame Todd Duetch, Chris Sansonetti, Tony Melo and Jeff Albright