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2009 Superior Karate  News

Saturday classes starting October 31 at Flood Middle School small gym 490 Chapel Street Stratford
Beginner Class 9:30 - 10:20am
Advanced Class 10:30 - 11:20am (9:30 on BBC Days) 

Connecticut Yankee Nationals Awards Recipants      
SK - Stratford
Chris LoBosco 1st Sparring, Forms, Weapons and Breaking
Jon LoBosco, 1st Sparring and Breaking
Alana Ferigno 1st Sparring, 3rd in Forms
David Junga 4th Forms
Ruth Sussman 3rd Sparring
Eli Sussman 3rd Sparring
SK - Orange
Patrick Weber 1st Forms, 2nd Sparring

New Instructors:  Welcome Chris and Jon LoBosco to the Superior Karate Instructor Team! Both guys are 2nd dan black belts from Trumbull. They are also Tournament Champions many times over. It is an honor to have them on our instructor team! Keep up the great work!

9-9 Black Belt Club 
Now allowing students with the rank of 5 gup green through black belt levels. Get advanced training to reach black belt excellance!

9-9 New Leadership ClassThis is a new "teaching class" for class helpers, teaching assistants and instructors. To qualify you must have the rank of green belt and Master Sansonetti's approval.

9-9 New Black Belt Class 

 This class is for apprentice black belts and Black Belts only! It is monday nights from 8:15-9pm at franklin school 1895 Barnum Ave (Route 1). No fee for superior karate students. Get advanced training from Master Sansonetti to get your to your next Black Belt Rank!

Superior Karate's annual cookout was July 11! The weather was great, there was plenty of food everyone had fun!


Superior Karate performed an awesome demonstration at the Barnum Festival on Saturday June 20th! the students did combinations, forms, sparring, board breaking and stick sparring!

Gabi Gualpa has been promoted to assistant instructor on June 16.
Steven Genna was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt on May 8th! Steven started as a little ninja 7 years ago at the Valley YMCA.

Federation Challenge

Breaking and Forms

Award Recipients 

Valley YMCA

Prastik Mohanraj 3rd Forms
Matt Kirschbaum 2nd Forms


Orange Rec.

Michael Anil 1st Forms, 3rd Breaking

Jocelyn Eagle 1st Forms, 2nd Breaking

Matt Mckenna 2nd Breaking

Sean Mckenna 3rd Breaking


Stratford Rec.

David Camarero 3rd Breaking

Tom Derwin 4th Forms

Zach Dillon 4th Forms

Lenny Kovalik 2nd Forms

Nathan Larsen 1st Forms

Melissa Lemieux 1st Breaking, 1st Forms

Jason Pugh 4th Forms

Dan Decilio 3rd Forms

Julianna Ferrigno 3rd Forms

Grayson Glover 1st Breaking

George Bloom 1st Forms

Phillip Bloom 4th Forms    
Jeffrey Riccio 4th Forms  
Dan Centore has been promoted to assistant instructor at the Superior Karate Orange location! Dan was one of the original students and is now teaching class! He is also a competitive swimmer, member of the black belt club and an excellent student in school.
Black Belt Test 2-13-9
Nicky Karas and Dana Malave
promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt.
Dan Centore was promoted to 1st degree black belt.

2-8-9, Superior Karate - Stratford  has been chosen as  School of the Year in the Cheezic Tang Soo Do Federation!
This is a huge honor and we are very excited to represent the federation. Stratford has 140+ students and 31 were nominated for "Best of the Best" Awards this year! 
Congratulations to Master Sansonetti,  Mr. McEachern, Miss Malave, students and families of Superior Karate!

Superior Karate's Students of the Year:

Stratford: Tom Derwin and Melissa Lemieux
Orange: Michael Anil
Ansonia: Grace Keener

Chapel School Talent Show

January 23, 2009
On Friday, January 23rd, six students performed at the Chapel School Talent Show. The students demonstrated Forms 1, 2 & 3 as well as kicks, punches and blocks.  We're proud of Nate Larsen, Elizabeth Larsen, Lohitha Sakamuri, George Bloom, Philip Bloom and Julie Ferrigno  
2009 CTSD Best of the Best Award Recipients 
Valley YMCA
Kaitlyn Caple 3rd Forms
Nicki Karas 3rd Sparring
Grace Keener 4th Sparring
Cole Volkmar 2nd Forms
Bridget Wilkinson 1st Sparring
Orange Rec.
Michael Anil 3rd Forms
Daniel Centore 1st Breaking
Jocelyn Eagle 3rd Breaking, 1st Forms
Rachel Eagle 4th Breaking, 2nd Forms
Sean Mckenna 4th Sparring, 2nd Forms
Thomas Moran 4th Sparring
Stratford Rec.
David Camarero 4th Sparring
Gabi Camarero 1st Forms
Kaitlyn Craft 2nd Sparring
Tom Derwin 2nd Sparring
Alexandra Dillon 2nd Forms
Zach Dillon 3rd Forms
Joey Kirschner 4th Forms
Lenny Kovalik 1st Breaking, 2nd Forms, 4th Sparring
Nathan Larsen 2nd Forms
Miguel Legaspi 3rd Forms
Melissa Lemieux 1st Breaking, 2nd Forms, 1st Weapons, 3rd Sparring
Jeanine Marsh 1st Sparring
Elizabeth Nagy 2nd Breaking, 2nd Forms, 2nd Sparring
Sarah O'Connell 2nd Breaking, 3rd Forms
Jason Pugh 1st Forms, 4th Sparring, 1st Forms
Jeffrey Riccio 3rd Forms
Jonathan Robinson 2nd Forms, 1st Sparring
Richard Robinson 1st Breaking, 4th Forms, 1st Sparring
Ruth Sussman 1st Sparring
Peter Wyant 1st Sparring