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2010 Superior Karate News

two students promoted to Black Belt on April 16!
Gaby Gualpa
Bridget Wilkinson

2nd Federation Challenge

Forms and Breaking

Award Recipients 

  March 21, 2010


Stratford Rec.

Above picture is - 1st Row: Keegan Phillips, Ryan Booth, Kevin Gabriel & Facundo Mateo
2nd Row: Instructor Ryan McEachern & Master Chris Sansonetti

Tim Fraedrich, 2nd Forms

Kevin Gabriel, 1st Forms

Ryan Booth, 1st Breaking, 3rd Forms

Keegan Phillips, 1st Forms
Facundo Mateo, 2nd Breaking, 2nd Forms

Mauricio Cortes, 4th Breaking

Nathan Larsen, 1st Forms

James Cravatas, 1st Breaking
Drew Chagi, 2nd Forms

David Junga, 2nd Forms

Valley YMCA

David Kiernan, 2nd Forms, 4th Breaking

Jonna Piccolo, 2nd Breaking

Rebecca Sanchez, 2nd Breaking, 3rd Forms

Bridget Wilkinson, 2nd Breaking


Orange Rec

Michael Anil, 1st Forms
Jocelyn Eagle, 1st Forms,  4th Breaking


Adithy Gowd from Stratford was awarded Little Ninja Student of the Year for 2009!

We are starting a Karate Kitties class in May. It is a Mom and me class for children age 2.5 - 4 years old in Orange at High Plains Community Center in May.

Superior Karate is opening a new school in Monroe starting March 23. 

New Black Belts - 2/13
Kyle Mullins - 1st Degree

TJ Meehan - 1st Degree

Will Caple - 1st Degree

Board Breaking Seminar was a big success!

  February 10, 2010

Student of the Year Nominees
Adithya Gowd
David Junga
Everett Sussman


Caitlyn Welch
Pat Weber

Valley YMCA

Josh Chvirko
Gabriela Gualpa

1st Federation Challenge

Sparring and Weapons

Award Recipients 

  January 24, 2010


Stratford Rec.

John Tu, 3rd Sparring

Mauricio Cortes, 3rd Sparring

Jada Jennings, 1st Sparring

Julianna Ferrigno, 2nd Sparring

Alanna Ferrigno, 2nd Sparring

Ruth Sussman, 1st Sparring

Tom Guglielmo, 4th Sparring


Orange Rec.

Jocelyn Eagle, 2nd Weapons

Michael Anil, 3rd Weapons