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2011 Superior Karate News

Stratford Rec Belt Test
December 19, 2011

Little Ninja Class

Orange Rec Belt Test
December 13th, 2011
Shayna Williams Promoted to Green Belt         Uulen Honeychurch & Jared Gabriele

Monroe Rec Belt Test
December 9, 2011

Monroe Rec Little Ninjas- Braeden, Austin & Cody
Promoted to Ninja Belt Red

Board Breaking Seminar

October 29, 2011

Jared Gabriele holds his instructor-autographed boards
Will Riordan shows his board breaking power!

Jon Banta demonstrates a front kick

CT Yankee Nationals Tournament
October 2, 2011

Orange Rec Student Shana Williams shows off 1st tournament win trophy

Congratulations to our NEW Black Belts!
Everett Sussman 
Everett Sussman             Miguel Legaspi

Stratford Rec Belt Test



Orange Rec Belt Test


Annual Karate Picnic @ Short Beach
June 25, 2011



Jennings Belt Test
May 25, 2011

Federation Challenge: Sparring & Weapons
May 22, 2011

pictured l to r (back row)
: Master Dave Deguzman, Chris Lobosco, Anthony Ramadei, Justin Escobar & Matt Miller(front row): Patrick Jezierny, Jack Mandulak & Jason Mandulak

**Sparring & Weapons Tournament Champions**

Stratford Rec 
Alana Ferrigno: 1st Sparring
Julie Ferrigno: 1st Sparring
Valley YMCA
David Kiernan: 1st Sparring

Orange Rec

Jacob Hollander: 2nd Sparring

Monroe Rec
Elizabeth Winington: 1st Sparring
Forest Gosnell: 1st Sparring
Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA
Jonathan LoBosco: 1st Sparring, 1st Weapons
Chris LoBosco: 1st Weapons
 Justin Escobar: 1st Sparring, 1st Weapons
Patrick Jezierny: 2nd Sparring, 2nd Weapons
Anthony Ramadei: 1st Sparring, 4th Weapons
Matt Miller: 2nd Sparring, 3rd Weapons
Craig Sisson: 1st Sparring
Samantha Sisson: 3rd Sparring
Jack Mandulak: 3rd Sparring
Jason Mandulak: 1st Sparring
John Plavnicky: 2nd SparringBen Walker: 1st Sparring

Master Dave Deguzman
Demonstrates Advanced Kicks!


Jared Gabriel
Demonstrating Advanced Kicks


Orange Rec Belt Test
May 3, 2011


                                                                                        Orange Rec Little Ninja Class                                                      Orange Rec Karate Class


                                                                                                                                  Jared Gabriel - Purple Belt Rank Recipient
                                                                                                                                            with Grandmaster Cheezic

Black Belt Achievers
Waterbury Boys & Girls Club
April 29, 2011

Everett & Ruth Sussman w/ their Mom

Stratford Rec Belt Test
April 27, 2011

Little Ninjas


                                                                                                           Beginner Students                                                                      Advanced Students

Trumbull Student Nick Marrash Earns Prestigious Awards!

Karate Trumbull YMCA student Nick Marrash competed in the KRANE Circuit tournament & finished
2nd overall in the state for boys black belt 14/15 in sparring at Foxwoods.  He is currently placed 2nd in sparring
and is the National Runner Up, 5th in traditional weapons & 6th in forms.
Nick is photographed with instructor Dave DeGuzman

Trumbull YMCA & Monroe Rec Belt Test
April 15, 2011

                                                         Beginner Students                                                               Advanced Students

Valley YMCA Belt Test
April 7, 2011

Monroe Girl Scouts
Self-Defense Seminar
March 26, 2011


Federation Challenge: Forms & Breaking
March 20, 2011

pictured from l to r (1st row):
Ryan Booth, Kevin Gabriele

(2nd row): Will Riordan, Andrew Ilie, Jack Halliwell, Alex Zitelli
(back row): Master Sansonetti & Ryan McEachern

pictured from l to r (1st row):
Xzavier Pamphile & Emily Ingersoll
(2nd row): Master Sansonetti, Dana Malave & Ryan McEachern

**Forms/Breaking Tournament Champions**

Stratford Rec
  Will Riordan: 4th Forms, 2nd Breaking
Emily Ingersoll: 1st Forms
Xzavier Pamphile: 4th in Breaking
Dana Malave: 4th Forms
Donny Paquay: 5th Forms, 3rd Breaking
Matthew Pond: 4th Forms, 3rd Breaking
Jack Halliwell: 3rd Forms, 1st Breaking
Alex Zitelli: 1st Forms
Kevin Gabriele: 1st Forms, 3rd Breaking
Andy Ilie: 2nd forms, 2nd Breaking
Ryan Booth: 3rd Forms, 2nd Breaking
Timmy Fraedrich: 2nd Forms, 5th Breaking
Ryan McEachern: 1st Forms
Valley YMCA
David Kiernan: 2nd Forms
Rebecca Sanchez: 3rd Forms, 4th Breaking
Monroe Rec
Chris Gorman: 2nd Forms
Andrew Gorman: 4th Forms
Forrest Gosnell: 2nd Forms, 2nd Breaking
Shelby Leone-Garofalo: 3rd Forms
Joseph Lemm: 2nd Forms
Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA
Jack Mandulak: 4th Forms, Breaking C
Jason Mandulak: 4th Forms, Breaking C
Isabel Skarzynski: Breaking C
Justin Escobar: 1st Forms, 1st Breaking
Patrick Jezierny: 2nd Forms, 1st Breaking
John Plavnicky: 3rd Forms, 1st Breaking
Tal Unrad: 1st Forms, 1st Breaking
Liz Skarzynski: 3rd Breaking
Tatiana Niebuhr: 4th Forms
Paul Niebuhr: Forms C
Ryan Norton: 1st Forms
Ryan McEachern: 1st Forms

Awards Banquet

pictured from left to right
: Ryan McEachern & Dana McEachern

nstructor Ryan McEachern teaching class at Stratford location

Board Breaking Seminar

Pictured left to right
: Ryan McEachern, Dana McEachern, Chris Sansonetti,
Drew Chagi, Thomas Guglielmo & Liz Skarzynski

Jared Gabriele showing awesome form at
the Board Breaking Seminar 2/12/2011!

Ryan McEachern setting up and breaking a stack of wood at the Superior Karate Board Breaking Seminar 2/12/2011

Participants and Instructors at the Superior Karate Board Breaking Seminar 2/12/2011

Jocelyn Eagle
from Orange Rec
Earns trophies for placing 2nd in Weapons, 4th in Sparring
at the Federation Challenge Tournament Jan. 23rd

Federation Challenge 1/23/2011
Sparring & Weapons
Tournament Champions
Isabella Santos, 1st in Sparring
Sammy Sisson, 2nd in Sparring
Craig Sisson, 2nd in Sparring
Nathan Walker, 1st in Sparring
Pat Jezierny, 2nd in Weapons
Justin Escobar, 1st in Sparring & Weapons
John Plavnicky, 2nd in Sparring
Matt Miller, 4th in Sparring, 1st in Weapons
AJ Furnari, 2nd in Sparring, 1st in Weapons
Mike Furnari, 3rd in Sparring
Jason Mandulak, 1st in Sparring
Jack Mandulak, 1st in Sparring
Ben Labaw, 1st in Sparring, 4th in Weapons
Chris Lobosco, 1st in Sparring, 2nd in Weapons
Ryan McEachern, 2nd in Sparring
David Kiernan, 2nd in Sparring