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2013 Superior Karate News

**Federation Challenge**

November 10, 2013

Jared Gabriele placed 3rd in Board Breaking

**Yankee Nationals**

October 6, 2013

Jared Gabriele placed 2nd in Breaking

Lindsay Rywolt placed 2nd in Forms


Michael Haverstock, Jared Gabriele and Brian Connolly

Monroe Rec Students


Trumbull Students

Jared Gabriele placed 2nd in Forms (Black Belt Division)

**Monroe Belt Test**

May 3, 2013

 Brayden Renkavinsk​y with Master Cheezic


**Federation Challenge: Sparring & Weapons**

Waterbury Athletic Club

May 19, 2013


pictured: Ashley and Caitlyn Welch with Master Cheezic and Master Sansonetti


**ATSD Tournament**

Boston, MA 

March 23, 2013

pictured (left to right): row 1: Logan Jones; row 2: Alanna Ferrigno, Patrick Jezierny, Julie Ferrigno



pictured (left to right): Chris Lobosco, Patrick Jezierny


**Forms & Breaking Tournament Champions**

Federation Challenge

at Holy Cross High School in Waterbury

March 10, 2013


Monroe Rec

pictured (left to right): row 1: Chloe Hurme, Connor Tedesco, Ryan Tedesco, Matt Scanzillo, Forest Gosnell, Adrianna DeSanti

row 2: Cathly Lobosco, Ryan McEachern, Ryan Norton, Master Sansonetti


Orange Rec

pictured (left to right): row 1: Anthony DiStefano, Jared Gabriele; row 2; Bridget Wilkinson, Master Sansonetti


Stratford Rec

pictured (left to right): row 1: Ashley Welsh, Lyric Christopher, Connor Kane; row 2; Master Sansonetti, Everett Sussman, Justin Panther

Trumbull GEC

pictured (left to right): row 1: Marin Jones, Logan Jones; row 2: Caitlyn Arnonne, Chloe Hurme, Adriana DiSanti

row 3: Liz Skarzynski, Patrick Jezierny, Chris Lobosco


**CTSD 2013 Awards Banquet**

March 3, 2013

Monroe Rec

pictured (left to right): row 1: Elizabeth Winington, Forrest Gosnell
row 2: Chris Lobosco, Ryan McEachern, Master Sansoneitti, John Lobosco, Cathy Lobosco

Matt Miller and Chris Lobosco perform a breaking demonstration

click here to watch the video



**Black Belt Test**

February 22, 2013

Jordan Pistilli and Gary Revees receive their 1st degree Black Belts

Master Sansonetti and Jordan Pistilli 

**Sparring & Weapons Tournament Champions**

Federation Challenge I

at Holy Cross High School in Waterbury

January 20, 2013


Stratford Rec
Mia Nierenberg - 1st in Sparring

Will Riordin - 2nd in Sparring

Andy Ilie - 1st in Sparring

pictured  (left to right):  row 1: Mia Nierenberg; row 2: Will Riordin, Andy Ilie;
row 3: Dana Malave, Justin Panther, Master Sansonetti